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Community Involvement

As an engaged corporate citizen, we recognize the need to be informed and to take action to inspire, protect and develop members of our communities. Our community giving program is part of an overall strategy of social engagement.

Through targeted investments in organizations focused on the homeless such as De la Mesa a la Calle, and the development of youth Boys Scouts of America through sports, Sol Coop works to create economic opportunities to promote the stability and the wellbeing in general of the community in which we conduct our business.

It is also our desire to be a strong partner in the communities in which our employees /members have a presence, by sponsoring the development of their children’s sports, arts and musical programs.

All Sol Coop employees shall be driven by our social responsibility code, and as such will volunteer to a cause of their choosing at least twice a year.

Sol Coop  will consider grant requests from nonprofit organizations that are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax exempt public charities under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1), (2), (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, located in the United States and Puerto Rico.

In addition, Sol Coop will consider requests for funding from government or private entities located in Puerto Rico that promote educational, sports or charitable work within our community.